Coaching With Katie

In my 15+ years of leadership development work, I’ve learned there’s no such thing as the typical coaching assignment. I use the one-to-one nature of coaching to really get to know you as an individual, helping you identify solutions to your unique challenges. Often these are focused around leadership; on other occasions we might take a more detailed look at other aspects of your work and practice.

I combine creative and strategic approaches, resulting in an approachable yet highly effective coaching style that has helped clients across a range of sectors unlock their potential as high-performance leaders. I’d love to find out more about your challenges and how we might work together.


Why coaching?

Leadership coaching can feel like quite a commitment – in terms of time, money and effort. We’ll always start by listening to your needs, then decide if you need a couple of super-focused sessions or something longer term. Here are some of the benefits you can get from working with Katie:

Navigating change

Whether there’s been a cultural change in your organisation or in the world at large, coaching can help you move through changing times with resilience and purpose.

Preparing for a new career stage

Perhaps you’re getting ready to put yourself forward for a new leadership position, or maybe you’re already in it and feeling the strain. You might even be readying yourself to lead your organisation as a whole. Either way, coaching can help you develop the skills you need to grow into the next stage of your career with confidence.

Returning from parental leave

Adjusting back into a leadership position after parental leave can be a uniquely challenging time. Coaching can guide you through this stage of your career, helping you flourish in your professional life while embracing new elements of your identity.

Engaging your team

As a leader, you have a big impact on the dynamics and performance of the teams around and below you. Coaching can help you align your leadership style with what your teams – and your organisation – need, re-engaging your workforce and ultimately improving staff retention.

Improving your presence

Whether it’s the team you manage or fellow leaders in your organisation, other people’s impressions of you matter. A coach can help you develop powerful communication skills that revolutionise your working relationships.

Developing self-assurance

Every leader has areas where they lack confidence, whether it’s making yourself heard in the boardroom or speaking in front of a crowd. Together we can work on ways to grow your impact, and increase your enjoyment of work and leadership.

Creating a legacy

Coaching can help you define your professional legacy and identify steps towards creating a footprint you can be proud of.

Optimising your effectiveness

The need for greater personal effectiveness tends to follow us throughout our career, and it’s something even the most successful leaders need to pay attention to. If you suffer from a shortage of time, conflicting priorities and a lack of clarity, coaching can help reveal a clear path forward.


Shall we talk?

Whatever your leadership challenges or aspirations, we can help unlock your potential to excel.
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