Smart Collaboration Accelerator Accreditation

Find out how Smart Collaboration can benefit your business performance.


I am delighted to have been awarded accreditation to use The Smart Collaboration Accelerator with my clients.

This is a superb, research-based assessment that is used to guide leaders and teams through the process of understanding their behavioural tendencies, in turn using this insight as a catalyst for Smart Collaboration. For example, are you a hands-on, or a hands-off person? Are you a complex or concrete thinker? And how do these variables (and 5 others) affect your approach to collaboration? What are you good at, what should you watch out for, and how can you accelerate the quality of collaboration within your team?

It’s an assessment that is done individually, providing great personal insights (and an excellent tool for coaching and development). Results within a team can also be pooled to understand the collaboration profile of the team as a whole and to explore how they as a group can accelerate the quality of collaboration.

In these times when we are looking to celebrate the diversity of thought and deed, as well as having to deal with the increased challenges of collaborating remotely, its insights are incredibly valuable. The research shows clearly that smarter collaboration leads to stronger leadership, better teams and significantly stronger commercial outcomes.

To find out more about how we could use the Smart Collaboration Accelerator together to improve collaboration, team leadership, and thus business performance, please get in touch.


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