Great facilitation can transform an average meeting into a superb one.

KatieBest Associates can provide facilitators for meetings, workshops, away-days and off-sites. Our facilitators can help you to channel your time and energy into getting the most out of your time together.

Having a facilitator will leave all participants free to focus on what you need to, rather than being side-tracked, struggling to fix objectives, getting dragged into meeting logistics, running out of ideas, or letting big voices dominate. Firms regularly find that they can achieve much more when their important meetings are facilitated.

A KatieBest Facilitator will:

Make sure all voices are heard

Keeps everybody focused on the objectives.

Keeps everybody focused on the objectives.

Have a range of tools and techniques they can use to generate ideas, set explore options, set action plans and divide up responsibility

Offer advice on ideal set-ups for the meeting space, pacing the session, and recording key conversations and outcomes.

All of this leaves you and your team to get on with the work in hand.

Recent projects include:

  • Business planning off-sites for every legal practice area of a City law firm
  • Strategy away-day for the senior team of a City law firm
  • Leadership workshop facilitation for the management team of a Royal College
  • Workspace layout ideas generation meeting for an NHS trust

Katie and her team can make use of their extensive knowledge and experience of running training and professional development programmes alongside to help steer your meeting or event towards a successful conclusion. Additionally, Katie has trained a mediator, meaning that she’s well-placed to guide your group to a resolution that helps to move things forward without letting conflict get in the way.

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Client Feedback

“Katie’s facilitation skills on our recent strategy away-day were excellent. She kept a number of very big personalities on topic and made sure that we left with clear objectives and division of labour. This is the first time we’ve used a facilitator, and the first time I’ve been confident that the objectives and plans we made won’t just sit in my top drawer gathering dust.”

Attendee, strategy away day.

Bespoke Programmes

If your requirements are more bespoke, specific, you require a custom session or programme built around  a particular issue or desired area of improvement, please click on the button below to get in touch and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.