What's your idea for a tenth leadership problem?

Hi! I’m Dr. Katie Best and I’m a leadership problem solver. I run a popular newsletter, ‘Dear Katie’, where I help leaders solve their messiest problems. And I’m compiling over two decades of work in this area by writing a book to help leaders solve their biggest, messiest problems. And I need your help!

I’ve picked out nine problem areas that leaders struggle with but I want you, dear leader, to suggest a tenth!

The best suggestion will make it into the book as the tenth chapter, with full credit to those suggesting it.

Additionally, as a thank you, everyone who submits a problem will have the opportunity to win four coaching sessions with me.

(The problems I’m already tackling are: Personal effectiveness, Decision Making, Influence, Culture and Values, Individual performance, Engagement, Team dynamics, Leading strategy, Leading change)

Leave your ideas in the box below!

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